Thursday, 15 December 2011

Joy is going to write an introduction I hope

Now that the YouTube films have proliferated and 25,000 views of the films have occurred, Joy and I are re-visiting how on YouTube I present ideas & interact with people, things and the camera.

We're trying to provide necessary public health warnings about my style, cut bits and make just an hour's introduction to the social transformations and the different approach to doing things that I'm trying to model so that other people find a healthier relationship too with the interface between:
- what we like to do
- the world's response to supporting us in doing what we like to do
- the lessons learned and adjustments to live in creative response to the feedback received about the nature of reality / well-being / universal

How can all this be condensed into something accessible?:

On the Toothpaste007 Channel I started in 2008 (and which has really flourished since moving to Hastings) I offer a dozen of the videos as ones that I've chosen for people to find most easily.
A dozen is not many when there are over 400 to choose from, so here's a fresh selection of a dozen of my favourite videos and favourite blogs and web links to give you an intro to the social transformation I'm interested in engaging you in.
I hope you have the patience, imagination and inspiration to get back to me with your idea of how we could connect in a way that works for us (& all).













Here's a page I'm proud of about the anniversary pier fire event I put on in Hastings (& attracted Police to):
And here's an Introduction to the Boddhisattva Ideal: